Servo-Hybrid Presses

Locatelli Meccanica has developed a new line of Servo-Hybrid presses.

With these machines, we are able to offer all the benefits of the servo Technology, which are flexibility and reliability: the accuracy of the slide movement enables the manufacturing of high precision components, and the possibility to program the slide speed with fast, slow and standstill phases expands the coining options.

The benefits for the productivity are evident:

  • Reduced cycle times;
  • Optimized coining speed leads to better tool life and reduced tool wear;
  • Unimagined possibilities in the design of metal forming processes;
  • Reduced oil heating.

All these presses are available with ESA Controls (Made in Italy) and with Voith Technology (Made in Germany).

In Addition:

  • High performances through scalable and variable drive axe;
  • Protection and monitoring functions with the emphasis on tool. protection and press force monitoring;
  • Flexible production through automatic calculation of an energy-optimized movement for the piston;
  • Increased energy efficiency through innovative energy management;

Controls options include:

  • Frequency controlled drive;
  • Integrated press force monitoring;
  • Pressure curve monitoring;
  • Electronic cam control, counting cams, timers, etc;
  • Integrated tool safety system;
  • Switchable sockets;
  • Integration of peripheral equipment;
  • Remote access;
  • Special applications.

These presses have a precise mechanical slide drive, which provides a constant parts quality.

A servo drive with an integrated drag-link mechanism is eco-friendly as electric/hydraulic, down-acting system delivers superior accuracy. This high-performance features of a Servo-Hybrid Press requires less hydraulic fluid than conventional machines, and the super-accurate ram is capable of repeatability within tolerances of ± 0.004 mm.

The servo motor provides a significant potential for energy savings while at the same time delivering an increased flexibility and complexity.

>In conclusion, the servo-hybrid press combines the advantages of a mechanical and a hydraulic press, and practically defines a new press generation which enables applications which were previously thought to be impossible.