Dry Ice Machines

Dry ice is produced using carbon dioxide-CO2 at liquid state, so the first step to produce it is to compress the CO2 by pressure, removing every excess of heat and cool it until its condensate in liquid.

This liquid is introduced in an expansion chamber: at this stage a part of it sublimates (goes directly from liquid to gas) and a part solidifies in snow crystals (carbonic snow).

This dry ice so formed is then mechanically compacted with a piston inside an expansion chamber for the formation of blocks or pellets.

Standard production is pellets (diameter 3/10/16 mm) or blocks with dimensions 120x120x20-50 mm, weight of each block approximately 400 g.

In thermo-insulated environment dry ice can last up to 6 days.

It is possible to produce dry ice on occasion with the Dry Ice Box.