Hydraulic presses are Tooling Machines used to generate a compression force using a hydraulic cylinder; in simple words, they use the pressure exerted on a fluids to press something according to the principle of Pascal’s law: a hydraulic press makes use of incompressibility of the fluids and through the application of pressure in a confined space, creates a pressure that is exerted in all directions by the fluid. One advantage of Locatelli Meccanica hydraulic stamping presses is the constant force during the stroke in the stamping process.


Our machines are highly sturdy. The sturdy construction has minimum deflection under maximum load conditions, resulting in uniform pressing over the entire working area. Hence they have low power consumption, and because of this feature they are highly economical. These machines offer operational flexibility to ensure maximum stiffness. There are also automatic and manual programs: the automated machines come with additional safety measures.


Our hydraulic presses are classified based on the Hydraulic capacity: from 35 to 1200 tons. The 300 tons hydraulic presses, for example, can be used in the minting industry for striking coins or in the automotive industry to press high precision parts.


A hydraulic press is a very important tooling machine that is used for different types of industrial applications. These presses can be used to carry out a wide number of functions such as, pressing, punching, forging, crushing, deep drawing, metal forming processes as well as other tasks that require the application of sudden forces. The advantages are numerous over other types of conventional presses, that is why they are most commonly found in industries now a days.

In the Automotive Industry, our hydraulic presses are mainly used in brake pads production and sealing components production, as well as some small high precision components coining. They are used by car and truck parts manufacturers for original equipment and after market products. Presses are also used in the manufacture of exhaust systems, seat belt retractors, windshield wiper blades, carburetors, fuel injection sensors, gear assemblies, bearing assemblies, clutch friction material bonding and in additional stamping and forming operations.

These machines are also greatly used in Appliances Manufacturing Sector. Hydraulic presses are used to manufacture different products such as refrigerators parts, washing machines components and other types of home appliances. Moreover, are also used for compressing panels in composite materials, in the Ceramic and Abrasives Industry they are used to compact powered material, in the manufacturing of sporting goods that include  golf heads and alpine hooks. Finally, the Aerospace Industry for the production of high precision parts for satellites and airplanes, Electrical industry for plugs, housings, switches and thermostats, as well as electrically operated products such as motors components, pumps parts and electrical appliances.

Jewelry/Minting Industry, Watch Industry and Spectacle Frames Industry are the 3 main sectors where Locatelli Meccanica has sold more than 1500 presses in the years, so that today our Company is the worldwide leader supplier in these kind of industries.