Minting Presses

Locatelli Meccanica Oil-Hydraulic presses are suitable for coining collector coins and medals in PROOF quality, even with high relief, as well as sizing preformed workpieces.

The function “multiple pressing” allows repeated build-up and decrease of the pressing force without opening of the tool, giving an optimum coining result without doublings.

For the manufacturing of high-quality coins, the machine can be equipped with automation consisting of a blank magazine, suction cups type transfer / robot system, and an electromechanical positioned deposit tray.

Full noise insulation allows using of the press even in noise-sensitive areas with clean-room character. Sizing of workpieces results in a perfect finish of the surfaces having high dimensional stability with undisturbed fibrous structure, saving cost with intensive use of the press.

Thanks to its HMI – Touch Screen Color Display 15″ and to friendly user programs, these machines are easy to use. The built-in Ethernet port ensures the highest possible efficiency and connectivity to the production centers.

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Minting Press

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Minting Press


The advantages of using a Locatelli Meccanica machine, a machine different from the others.

  • Standard sizes: from 343 to 11.760 kN (35 – 1.200Tons) Costumer specific sizes on request
  • 7 guiding points on the upper table (ram), for perfect parallelism of the table.
  • Perfect control of the coin thickness, with exact control of pressure, timing, and position. No burr on edge guaranteed.
  • Multiple pressing in a closed mold, for full control of the metal flow inside the mould.
  • Ramps of pressure: possibility to set the time to reach the set pressure (the operator decides this time, not the machine according to the metal’s resistance).
  • Safety for the mould: alarms on double charging, wrong charging (by standard software), no charging (by option special device).
  • A memory of thousands of programs, with alphanumeric names for an easy recall.
  • World wide access to the computer systems of our machinery for analytical diagnostics and subsequent modification/update/tailoring / fine-tuning of our software.
  • Industry 4.0 software to monitor the production costs and the total production management, fully integrated for a precise analysis. It creates what has been called a Smart Factory.

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