Hydraulic Large Presses

Locatelli Meccanica is among the worldwide best known Hydraulic Presses manufacturers for metal sheet deformation.

The Big Table Series provides the same features of the standard Oil-Hydraulic Presses, by means of hydraulic and electric components, as well as software design, with the advantage of a larger space up to 1000 x 1000 mm and the possibility to install a Lower Blank Holder for drawing operations.

Blanking, drawing, hot and cold sheet-metal press-work: our Oil-Hydraulic, Presses are used for deep drawing, progressive and step-by-step press-work. Our acknowledged technical versatility is shown not only by the supply of structurally valid and reliable products but also and above all by the provision of solutions capable of ensuring the highest performance requested by users.

Used both as a single unit and as part of a line, fed manually or by means of transfer/robot, four columns frame presses are typically used in the production of big stamped parts, deep drawing parts and blanked parts.

Locatelli Meccanica Presses, are conceptually totally different from ordinary machine tools. They offer technological solutions exalting sturdiness, ergonomics, noiseless high performance, with flexibility and reliability.