About Us

With almost 100 years of experience in designing and manufacturing Hydraulic Pressing Machines, Locatelli Meccanica has established a worldwide reputation for reliability and good quality.

Our production ranges from Hydraulic Coining Presses to Dry Ice Machines; since all these Machineries involve a Hydraulic Pressing System. Our professional staff monitors and controls all the manufacturing phases, from the design to the production, from the testing to the after-sales service, assuring product quality and professional assistance.

Through a strong worldwide Agencies network, Locatelli Meccanica provides prompt feedback and strong technical support to all its clients.


The company’s engineering department team is responsible for the design and development of Locatelli Meccanica products. Using 2D / 3D CAD systems and finite element methods (FEM) for the structural design, our engineers perform motion simulations, machinery structural and mechanical limit testing, creation and optimization of BOMs, complete management of data flow to production. It also uses specific programs for the development and implementation of hydraulic and electrical systems to assure maximum effectiveness and durability of the best solutions.

The structure of each machine is machined using modern milling and boring CNC machines. The skills in construction of all part assures optimal delivery and expedites availability of parts, even not standard. The high precision and high productivity of this department assures the solidity, reliability and long-term duration of Locatelli Meccanica products.

The department is equipped with:

  • 3 boring machines and 3 milling machines of various sizes, equipped with boards and tool magazine;

  • 1 overhead travelling crane.

The essential components of all our Products are produced with the best raw materials, certified by chemical analyses and non-destructive testing.The department is equipped with:

  • 2 CNC parallel lathes;

  • 2 conventional parallel lathes;

  • 1 overhead travelling crane.

In this area there are several assembly positions that enable Locatelli  Meccanica’s team to assembly any model, type and size of machine. The department is divided into different areas dedicated to the assembly of:

  • Small-sized machines;

  • Medium-sized machines;

  • Large-sized machines;

  • Special machines and equipments;

  • Plant engineering (hydraulic and electrical);

  • Painting;

  • Finish, preliminary test and final test.

    The department is also equipped with:

  • 1 overhead traveling crane;

  • Certified tools and instruments certified according to current regulations.

In the context of Customer Care, Locatelli Meccanica has a constant support to the customers, rapid replies, brief time to intercede with problems, and a long distance assistance  (Tele-assistance) affected directly by our technicians and engineers.